Award-winning filmmaker, motor-biking mother and occasional ballerina.

About me

I believe the key to outstanding branded content, lies in creative freedom. As Shell’s Global Lead for Film, I have engaged my passion for leading creative teams and ensuring our in-house Content Engine can convert their creative brilliance into exceptional brand campaigns.

With my background as an award-winning documentary director, I now love the challenge of building Shell’s brand, curating our agency roster, responding to the diverse needs of internal clients, negotiating the ever-changing social media landscape and making branded content that blasts KPIs out of water.

What could be more fun?


My childhood success as a classical dancer allowed me to hone the audio/visual skills that I use as a filmmaker. Fresh out of college, I joined the BBC and within 6 years was directing documentaries for primetime audiences.

I’ve enjoyed a successful directing career, filming across the world in extraordinary places with incredible people – including Prof Stephen Hawking, winning an Emmy for our 4th series.

As a maternity plan I set up a Branded Content production agency, where my passion for brand films was ignited. I subsequently ran 2 Branded Content units within TV production companies working with Shell, Phillips, Turkish Airlines and others.

I have run complex Live broadcasts, dramatic reconstructions and adeptly negotiated the legal complexities of undercover filmmaking. I mentor young filmmakers, judge film awards and speak at industry events.

Occasionally, I still pirouette!


2017 Emmy Award Winner

Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places

The Lovie Awards

The Future. Yours to Make

The EVCOM London Film Awards

Silverstone: Every Racetrack Has a Story (2 awards), Electricity Series, The Future. Yours to Make, 9 Second Lift, Safety Day 2020

Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards

Inside Shell, Road to Houston, Shell’s Brand Promises, The Future. Yours to Make (3 awards)

International Visual Communications Association

National Ballistics Intelligence Service

Royal Television Society


The Communicator Awards

The Road to Houston


Curiosity Stream

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places

Series Produced

An Emmy Award winning visual effects extravaganza as Professor Hawking boards a personalised spaceship and travels to his favourite places across the Universe.

Channel 4

Dispatches: Trouble on the Trains

Exec Produced

Jane gained exclusive access for her crew to go undercover with the British Transport Police’s crime unit, to expose racism, homophobia and anti-semitism by football fans on Britain’s trains.

PBS / National Geographic

Genius by Stephen Hawking

Series Produced & Directed

"Anyone can think like a Genius".  We set out to prove Professor Hawking’s theory, in this 6 part series, as we challenge ordinary people to answer some of humanity’s most enduring questions.

Curiosity Stream

Destination Mars

Series Produced

A series of 5 short films detailing Mars One’s bold plans to start a human colony on Mars.  We meet the wannabe astronauts signing up on this one way trip, and hear from international scientists on the viability of the plan.